Natural Hair Services

TasiaMarieCo. is the go-to hair care and styling service , catering exclusively to women with natural textured hair. Our natural hair services include:

Silk Press – $75

A silk press is a special hair care device used for straightening natural, coiled, Afro hair. The procedure involves using a chemical-free technique to make natural hair look shiny and silky for an extended period.

Unlike traditional straightening procedures, silk press treatment entails more than just ironing hair. Throughout the procedure, your hair will be washed and hydrated to keep it healthy and prevent heart damage. Think of it as an extensive hair care procedure involving hydration, blow dry, and hair straightening.

If you want your natural hair to look effortlessly smooth, our silk press treatment is just what you need! Our hair styling expert will transform your hair without causing long-term curl pattern alteration. You can always go back to your curls when you want to!

SR Smoothing Treatment – $150

A safe hair smoothing system that helps smooth and lay down the outer layer of the hair called the cuticle. Adding conditioning agents to help nourish and strengthen the hair inside and out with good elasticity that allows the hair to stretch and return back to its original shape without breaking any bonds in the hair shaft. Last for 3 shampoos. The result is temporarily chemically straightened hair that’s easier to manage and style.

This treatment is especially popular among women who prefer having sleek and straight hair and don’t want to spend hours with their hair every morning.

Corkscrew Set – $80

For those of us who aren’t born with luscious curls, the corkscrew set is the perfect way to achieve the naturally curly look. The most important part of creating corkscrew curls is using the right curling equipment and that’s exactly what we have to offer at our salon.

Our corkscrew set helps women with straight or wavy hair get some texture on their strands and rock their curly looks with confidence. They’re meant to be used on dry hair alongside a hair dryer.

Wash and Go – $60

A simple hair wash never hurt anybody! You’d be surprised to see how light and fresh your head feels after our standard wash and go service defining those beautiful curls.   

Shampoo Blow Dry, Treatment, & Trim – $80

Want to shorten your hair length without changing the hairstyle? Our three-in-one hair care package is just the thing you need!

Shampoo Blow Dry, Treatment, Trim, & Braid Down Prep – $90

With an additional $10, you can also enjoy a braid down service after your freshly blow dried, treated, and trimmed hair.

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