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With so many different types of hair extensions available, it’s important that you know which type is best suited for your hair. At TasiaMarieCo., we offer the following hair extension services:

Clip-In Installment - $120

Clip-in extensions are the easiest to apply and maintain. The clip attached to the weft is sewn into the extension so that the extension can be clipped directly into your hair. This form of extensions adds volume and length, and can also help you create your desired hairstyle.

If you want to add bangs, temporary highlights or lowlights, or just want to make your hair appear longer and voluminous, clip-ins are just what you need!

Quick Weaves

In a quick weave process, we bond the hair extensions to a thick weave cap. This helps you get your preferred texture, color, or length of hair extension and achieve the hairdo you’ve envisioned. Curly, kinky, straight, short, long; we’ve got you covered!

Quick weaves bobs are priced at $75 and long extensions at $110. 

Microlink Install - $899 with Steam Treatment

Microlink extensions are relatively new to the hair extension industry. Also known as microbeads or microrings, these extensions are secured to your hair strands via tiny silicone beads. You can choose between single wefts, double wefts, or ITIP microlinks when opting for them depending on your hair type and specific needs.

Microlinks are the perfect hair enhancements for achieving your desired hairstyle and look. They can last for up to 12 weeks and produce a more natural-looking effect. Since they don’t require braiding, they can be removed easily. We highly recommend microlink extensions to women who have medium to fine hair textures.             

Tape-In Install - $899 with Steam Treatment

If you’re looking to add volume and thickness to your tresses, our tape-in extensions are perfect for you. The process takes only a short while and the extensions are installed using tape in extensions. You can continue using tape-in extensions for up to eight weeks before getting them removed or reinstalled.

We also offer:

Half Up, Half Down - $125

Extended Ponytail - $95

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