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TasiaMarieCo. is the go-to hair styling and transformation service. Our A La Carte hair services include:

Trim – $20

Sometimes, all you need is a trim to rejuvenate your hair and give you a fresh new look. Whether you want to go just a few inches shorter or have a more dramatic hair transformation in mind, we’re here to help you your desired hair length.

Protein Treatment – $25

Are your strands looking limp and lifeless? Our protein treatment can change that.

This treatment is designed to restore your hair’s strength and shine by providing it with the protein it has lost along the way. We use special hair rejuvenating formulas that help in reinstating your hair’s pH balance and making it more flexible and shinier.

Happy Scalp Detox Treatment – $25

How often do you attend to your scalp? Buildup from styling products, shampoos, and other hair care products can cause scalp inflammation. It can also clog your pores and deprive your scalp of its natural oils.

With our Happy Scalp Detox Treatment, you’re in for a treat! We guarantee you, by the time you leave our salon; your scalp will feel much cleaner and lighter than it has in days.

Carbon/Aloe Vera Shampoo Treatment With Steamer – $35

Aloe Vera is an asset to hair health. Our Aloe Vera Shampoo Treatment uses the most beneficial properties of the plant to cleanse, hydrate, and soften your hair.

Hydration Steam Treatment – $25

Hair steaming is a procedure through which the hair is hydrated using, well, steam. The moist heat generated through a steamer is used to open hair cuticles and allow hair treatment products to be absorbed more efficiently. The Hydration Steam treatment uses a variety of oils, masks, and other hair care products to moisturize and hydrate the hair.

Foot Massager – $10

Who says you can’t get a little feet pampering done while you’re at the hair salon? We offer exclusive foot massage services to our clients to ensure they’re relaxed from head to toe.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment – $40

Awapuhi Wild Ginger has long been used for treating dandruff and dryness of the hair. our Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment uses the natural properties of the root to nourish, rejuvenate, and strengthen your hair.

Consultation – $50 Non Transferable

Not sure what hair treatment would suit you the best? That’s what our styling experts are here for! We offer in-depth consultations to help our clients choose the right service that helps them flaunt healthy and beautiful looks.

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