Wigs Vs. Extensions: What Should You Get?

Not everyone is blessed with voluminous curls or long, thick hair that can be pulled up into hundreds of gorgeous hairstyles. Sometimes, you might even want to dabble in different hairstyles without committing to cutting and dyeing your own hair! Whatever the case, hair extensions and wigs are great options for adding some extra hair on your head.


Wigs are head coverings traditionally made of human hair or synthetic fiber—they’re essentially hats of hair that can easily be put on or taken off whenever the user wants. It consists of a cap with hair that’s firmly attached to the service.


  • Wigs are great for covering up baldness and are an excellent choice for those undergoing medical issues that cause them to lose their hair.
  • There’s an infinite number of style options when it comes to wigs. You can change up your style according to the occasion whenever you want without causing any damage to your real hair.
  • Wigs can keep your real hair protected by covering it up and giving the strands enough time to heal and recover. The lack of exposure to heat, sunlight, and pollutants can work wonders for your hair health.


  • Wigs have to be put on and taken off every day, which can be a hassle for those who are in a hurry or running short on time. It’s not a good idea to sleep or shower with a wig on.
  • Wigs aren’t as secure on the head because they aren’t sewn on, leaving the risk of them getting pulled off by sufficient force.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions consist of multiples weaves of hair of varying thickness and length that is attached to the recipient’s own hair by getting clipped, sewn, or glued on. Apart from clip-ons, extensions are generally a more long-term solution for adding length and volume.


  • You can instantly change your hairstyle without having to wait to grow your hair out.
  • Hair extensions come in all sorts of hair textures and colors, making it easier to add some fun colors to your own hair without causing it any chemical damage.
  • Hair extensions are much more secure since they’re attached to the individual strands of your own hair.


  • Improper installation of certain types of hair extensions can cause damage and hair loss—make sure you get it done by a professional.
  • Low-quality hair extensions can shed and look unnatural.

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