Why Cambodian Hair Extensions Are The Best Type of Hair Extensions

When looking to see what kind of hair extension to get, you may encounter several choices. While Brazilian and Malaysian are some of the most popular, Cambodian hair extensions reign supreme.

Here are a few reasons why Cambodian hair is considered to be the best type of hair extensions.

The Look and Feel

Cambodian hair can be characterized by its lusciousness and high volume. They are impressively durable and can last harsh conditions with minimal care needed. They bring out an added layer of confidence for the person wearing them and create great depth in their physical features.

They have a luscious slight wave and body wave pattern that makes them look good on just about anyone.

The feel of the hair can be defined as very silky and just the right amount of curly. Its features make it a perfect blend of all the right characteristics to give you the perfect extensions.

A woman with Cambodian hair extensions

The Customizability

The silkiness of Cambodian hair makes them ideal for customizing them to your heart’s content. Some popular styling techniques for Cambodian hair extensions include loose curls with braids and half-up twists.

Cambodian hair can also be dyed without any worry of its quality going down. If you want a more curly look to your extension, you can also get them curled. Because they are unprocessed, they’ll maintain their strength and agility regardless of what sort of style you wish to impose on them.

This level of customizability is what makes Cambodian Hair the best type of hair extension. And the best part is that, once you wash them, they’ll return to their original state without any issue.

Contact An Expert To Get Your Cambodian Hair Extensions Fitted Today

When getting hair extensions, it’s important to ask a hair care professional who can provide you with the best quality and advise you on what you need to do to maintain the extension’s health.

If you’re looking for a professional and licensed extensions provider, Tasia Marie Co. provides diverse hairstyling solutions at affordable rates in Concord, NC. We offer expertly installed Cambodian extension services, along with all-over hair color, hair retouching, and natural hair care.

To book an appointment, you can contact us here.

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