What’s The Best Hair Extension Technique for You?

Finding the right hair extensions for your hair type can be a difficult process. With a large number of options available and an almost infinite collection of organic and synthetic hair, it’s almost impossible to figure out what would work best for you.

Hair extensions are one of the most luxurious items for providing extra length and volume or getting highlights without having to damage your hair with lightener. Here are some of the most popular hair extensions techniques:

Strand by strand

This method utilizes thin strands of hair that are bonded together at the end with the help of keratin or polyurethane. These small sections are then attached to the wearer’s own hair using warm or cold fusion. The number of strands that you need will depend on your desired length and overall look.

This method is best suited for thicker, coarse hair and can last up to 20 weeks with proper maintenance.


Tape in hair extensions is a relatively new creation, using wefts connected by polyurethane with double-sided tape. The wearer’s own hair is sandwiched between two panels of extensions, and the cost can vary depending on the brand and number of panels used.

This is one of the safest methods of hair extensions as the weight of each weft is spread over across a larger surface area, causing less of a pulling sensation. The application process takes up to an hour, and the hair can be reused.


Clip-ins are a temporary method of getting hair extensions, using small wefts of hair that are applied with the help of pressure-sensitive clips. They’re a good option for individuals who are afraid to commit to the high-maintenance extension lifestyle.

These extensions need to be removed before you go to bed and are most suitable for those who want to change their hair color or style on a regular basis. It’s not an ideal extension type for people with thin, fine hair, as the clips could be too bulky and cause stress on the scalp.

We have natural Cambodian hair extensions available in Charlotte and Concord, NC.

Tasia Marie Collections offers multiple hair extension techniques using clip-in human hair extensions, micro link hair extensions, and I-tip hair extensions. Our professional hairdressers love making our clients look and feel beautiful and confident with long, lusciously thick hair. We also offer Cambodian hair wigs, hair extension stylist services, and hair coloring services.

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