Silk Press Hair Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

No matter how much we like the texture of our hair, we’ve all wanted to try silk press treatment at one point or another. Silky smooth hair after silk treatment can be a nice change if you’re ready for it.

Previously, straightening textured hair was extremely risky as it exposed your hair to all types of toxic chemicals resulting in breakage and whatnot. Other options like keratin treatment are less permanent and don’t last very long. If you’re looking for ways to straighten your hair without using toxic hair products, the silk press treatment is for you.

Read on to learn more about this hair treatment process:

Silk Press Hair Treatment

Unlike keratin chemical treatments that work for every hair type, silk press is a chemical-free procedure that straightens curly hair. A silk press procedure starts with a blowout followed by straightening. Before the treatment, your stylist will use damage prevention products to smoothen your hair and keep it hydrated. These products will help mitigate heat damage to a great extent.

How Long Does it Last?

Depending on the treatment quality and your hair maintenance routine, silk press treatment can last several weeks. The result of silk press treatment also depends on weather conditions, such as humidity and dryness. If your hair is exposed to moisture for hours, it will bounce back to its natural state sooner than expected.

If you’re looking for a chance with less hair damage, the silk press is a great option for you.

Does it Damage Your Hair?

Many people are concerned about whether this treatment causes any damage. However, as far as straightening and keratin treatments go, the silk press is a chemical-free process, and when done by a professional hairstylist, you can shield your hair from heat damage.

Additionally, you can use products to keep your hair hydrated. You’ll benefit from this procedure significantly if you straighten your hair regularly. Silk press causes minimal damage that can be undone using quality products and hair masks.

Can You Do the Treatment At Home?

Yes, but given that you’re not a professional who has full knowledge about the products, we wouldn’t recommend it. Blow drying coarse or textured hair can be difficult, and without heat prevention conditioning products, you may end up damaging your hair.

The Cost

The cost of the treatment varies on the products and treatment method that your stylist chooses. Here at Tasia Marie Collection, we offer affordable prices for silk press procedures. Our prices start from $75.

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