Micro-Link vs. Tape-In Installation: Which Extensions Are Best?

As a professional hairstyling service providing company, we’ve come across many clients who have damaged hair due to poor installation or bad quality extensions.

Many of our clients ask us the same question, ‘Which extensions are the best, micro-link or tape-in installation?’

Let’s discuss the different extension types:

Micro-Link Extensions

Micro-link extensions are a relatively more recent method of extension application technique. It's a safe and discrete method that is also very comfortable. Although the process is a bit tiresome, it consists of small bead-like hair extensions that are clamped to hair. The bead has a keratin tip supporting a loop inserted into the bead.

Micro-link extensions are applied to the client's natural hair; once attached to the hair, the bead is secured.

Process of Installation

The micro-link extensions are applied to one's hair, and the process takes a few hours as each bead is applied strand by strand.

Our hairstyling experts used a special tool to install the hair extensions. It has a unique technique, and the process doesn’t require the hair to be braided down. The best part about applying micro-link extension is that it doesn’t involve glue, so there’s no risk of hair damage.

Benefits Micro-Link Extensions

· Natural Look

If you want to achieve a more natural look, we recommend you opt for micro-extensions. It’s something very difficult to achieve with hair extensions. They last 3–4 months.

· Healthy and Safe

As mentioned, micro-link extensions don't require glue, tape, or any other harmful chemicals. Therefore, they’re a safe and healthy option.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are also among the new extension methods in the market. They consist of pre-taped wefts attached to the client's natural hair. The wefts are over 1 to 2 inches.

Tape-in extensions require a glue-based substance called keratin to attach it to the hair.

Installation Method

The tape-in hair extensions application method is easy and fast. All extension pieces are added one by one, usually on the back of the head. A protective film on each piece is removed and attached to a portion of hair.


· Fast and Easy Installation

The installation process of tape-in extensions is relatively easier than micro-link extensions.

· High-quality

The tape-in extension comes in high-quality.

Which Extension Do We Recommend

Our professional hairstylists recommend micro-link extensions as the beads keep the hair secure and healthy. The natural look that the micro-link extension offers is unmatched. We ensure that the extensions are lightweight and wouldn’t damage your hair follicles.

In comparison, tape-in extensions are recommended for those clients who don’t want to keep the extensions for too long. Our tape-in extensions are high-quality. You can trust our team of professionals to attach and remove both types of extensions safely.

Cambodian wavy clip in extensions

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