How A Protein Treatment Can Add Life Back To Your Hair

Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs a healthy dose of protein to stay healthy. Your hair might be in need of a protein treatment if it has been feeling weak or limp. Protein treatments can boost your hair health by providing essential nutrients and proteins that help strengthen and reconstruct your hair strands.

You can get protein treatments in the salon or do it by yourself at home! However, salon treatments will always last longer. Here are all the benefits of getting a protein treatment:

Protects your hair from damage

If you’re planning on bleaching or chemically dyeing your hair any time soon, it’s best to receive a protein treatment beforehand in order to strengthen the base and turn it into a healthier canvas for any color.

Protein ingredients like silk amino acids and hydrolyzed wheat protein can directly attach onto the hair follicles and harden the upper-most layer to form a protective barrier.

Strengthens your hair

Protein is the main building block of hair, so it’s important to replace any protein that’s been damaged or lost in the follicle to strengthen the length of your hair.

Improves elasticity

Hair that has a lack of protein will tend to stretch more than usual before it breaks. Protein treatments can restore your hair’s elasticity so that it can stretch out a normal amount before bouncing back.

Eliminates split ends and breakage

Improving the elasticity and strength of your hair through protein treatments can help eliminate split ends and breakage, giving the appearance of hair growth since your hair won’t break as often.

Enhances your hair’s overall appearance

The additional strength and elasticity in your hair will help your hair strands reach their maximum potential diameter, resulting in a healthier appearance overall.

A woman with curly hair

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