Complete Guide To Maintaining Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum hair has been enjoying its time in the spotlight for quite a while, but achieving and maintaining this gorgeous hair color can be extremely challenging for those who aren’t blessed with naturally light hair. Nothing’s more painful than watching your wonderfully white locks start fading and turning brassy within a few weeks of your trip to the salon.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to maintaining your bold and brilliant platinum hair for ages to come:

Keep your hair protected in swimming pools

One of the biggest mistakes that people with platinum hair can make is to take a dip in the pool without appropriate hair protection. Chlorine-treated water is disastrous for all hair types, but especially a light color like this. Blonde hair starts turning green in chlorinated water due to the presence of copper that binds to the protein in your hair while you swim. The copper then oxidizes and turns green after coming into contact with chlorine.

Use sulfate-free shampoo

Suds can be duds—that luxurious lather from your favorite shampoo is likely to cause havoc on your color-treated hair. Sulfates often cause hair to dry out quicker and cause the color to fade super-fast. Choose a sulfate-free, hydrating shampoo, and try not to wash your hair too often to let your natural hair oils do their thing.

Invest in hair masks and scalp treatments

Bleaching your hair to this level is bound to cause damage to your hair shaft and scalp. Dry hair is more prone to frizz and breakage—build up your hair’s strength by religiously using a protein-based hair mask to repair your strands and strengthen the cuticle. If you have an irritated scalp after getting your hair bleached, wait a day or two for it to calm down before heading to a specialist.

Use purple shampoo once a week

Blond hair often develops unsightly yellow or orange tones that throw off the cool, icy look you had in the beginning. Use a purple shampoo to neutralize these undertones and restore the tone you originally aimed for. Try incorporating it into your hair care routine once a week for the best results!

Get professional haircare services

Talk to a professional hairstylist to help you figure out the best way to maintain your platinum blonde hair. Experts at Tasia Marie Collections can provide you with some of the best nourishing haircare products in Concord, NC. We also provide Cambodian natural hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions, and hair styling and coloring services.

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