Bring Your Natural Hair Back to Life with these 4 Tricks

The world has doubling amounts of pollution, unhealthy gases, and more. Can you imagine what that does to our hair every day? Our hair follicles and strands are fragile and can get severely damaged when exposed to the sun, dust, and other weather severities. If you're struggling with hair that is dry, brittle, and damaged – then you need some of our professional hair care services to reverse all that damage.

If you're wondering how our services can help you bring your hair back to life, then wait no more! Let's go over some of our top natural hair care services that can benefit your hair in many ways.

Silk Press

If your hair is dry, brittle, has lots of split ends, and is always frizzy, then our silk press service is perfect for you. It is a procedure where the wavy, curly or frizzy hair is straightened out using nourishing serums, an iron, and several hair washes to keep your hair protected and nourished from chemicals and the heat.

If you are looking for a way to get silky, smooth, and straight hair, get an appointment for a silk press treatment to give you the perfect final look.

Smoothing Treatment

A woman wearing black clothing, standing with long tresses falling on her back

One of our best and most common services is the smoothing out treatment. This is a safe smoothing treatment that keeps hair silky and smooth. Several conditioning agents are administered to your hair during the process and give you a chance to experience smooth, damage-free hair.  

Corkscrew Set

People with curly or extremely wavy hair lack the bounce and shine that their hair deserves. If you want to turn up the volume of your hair while making your curls bouncy, healthy, and perfect, get our esteemed corkscrew set treatment. Our hairstyling service will leave your curls more defined and healthier.

Protein Treatment

Sometimes, all your hair needs are a quick shampoo session, a luxurious blow-dry, and protein treatment. If you don't want to make too many changes, opt for our hair treatment services that can help you define your hair, make it softer, and appear healthier than ever before.

Get in touch with our stylists at Tasie Marie Co for detailed professional hair care services. Whether you want a protein treatment, to add wavy hair extensions, or get some Cambodian hair extensions – we are the perfect place for you. Don't wait anymore, and book an appointment today!

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